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We have always been the only address for quality.With lots of years of experience in the sectors which we are in, we produce olives and high quality olive oil and high quality spaghetti and mineral water. In order to present our experience and products to the world markets, we are active in these products production and export. We established Pangea Global Ltd. and We have gathered a few companies of us in this roof of Pangea for operate in the field of these food products produce and exports. We are not aim to only selling, we aim to create reliable and strong brands in the markets which we joined and we are trusting to our quality for achieve the goal. If you want good quality and the good business, you are in the right place.
Kristal Oil which has been the first branded olive oil in Turkey, was established in 1938 in Izmir by Anthony Micaleff. Kristal Oil has been one of the first brands that produced olive oil and released packed olive oil to the market in Turkey. It has also been the first company that exported packed and branded olive oil. Today, as a pioneer in Turkish olive oil market, Kristal Oil exports olive oil to 25 countries. In 1950s, while olive oil was mainly consumed in Aegean and Marmara Regions which are the production areas, Kristal Oil has been the leading company introducing and adopting the habit of consuming olive oil among Turkish people in Anatolia. In 2007 along with the partnership of Arkas Holding, Kristal Oil has increased its investments and production capacity even more. Kristal Oil has been running operations to increase local and foreign market share. Kristal Oil has been demanded for generations with its quality and trust developed on consumers.
We are a full-service import / export company with an office in Istanbul. We operate in over 130 countries. You can directly call to any of our agents in the following regions: Istanbul, Tunis, Paris You are welcomed to visit our office in Istanbul for a cup of coffee and discuss new market opportunities.
Merveks with its skilled and specialized employees serves in the field of activity, since 1996, under a name of different companies, and since 2012, as an independent company. Merveks, by directing all its knowledge and experience in foreign trade area makes an effort to grant to you dear clients the true concept of sale and aftersales service.Merveks with its production and services in delivery quickly moves ahead on a way to become the most ambitious company in the field of foreign trade. This statement is proved by performance of orders at the most suitable prices and with the best quality, by in advance assumed measures foreseeing possible problems, and by quality of an aftersales service.
Olivin Olives, a long standing family company, has been serving in olive sector for three generations starting from 1960, when it had been established. Today all kinds of olives are processed by traditional methods in the plant in Akhisar, Manisa and production reliability is guaranteed by international quality certificates. Considering different needs and requests in black and green olive production, Olivin Olives produces all kinds of whole, stuffed, pitted or scratched olives fulfilling the HACCP quality plan, ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and BRC international standards. Olivin Olives pays importance to customer needs also in product presentation and serves olives in glass jars, tins, vacuum and plastic packages according to customer requests. As well as the wide distribution network in the domestic market, Olivin Olives delivers olives all over the world via exports to wholesalers and packers in North America, Australia, Middle East and EU countries and offers this traditional taste both in domestic and international markets. Olivin Olives continiues business in olive sector with its high quality sensibility and customer-oriented approach in order to meet the demands both from Turkey and the world. Olivin is committed to offer olives – a very valuable fruit with an increasing importance as a result of healthy food consumption awareness - to the world under very good conditions, increase food security to the highest level and maintain continious improvement in all aspect of the business to enhance customer satisfaction. Olivin pays attention to new ideas and continously improvement of the staffs with planned education and direct tutorials in the plant. These actions make us better and make our products and services marvellous.
Founded in 1980 by Suleyman Aydin, our company is among the leading companies in the industry today. Operating in olives and dried figs with ALTINBASAK brand products, our company is 10000 m2 closed a
BAGCI with the experience all of years, is increasing it's market in Turkey, Germany, France, Britain and Netherlands with the modern institutions of 5200 m2 and 8000 m2. Olives of BA6CI wich are presented under the names of, Bagci, Reha, Delta, Pera, Ahi.